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sideoats grama negative graphic

Final Results
Big bluestem: 747
Sideoats grama: 199
Blue grama: 229
Little bluestem: 427

Total Votes: 1602

Can you name Manitoba's Provincial Grass?

You cannot because we don't have one!

Let's celebrate Manitoba's native prairie grasslands by declaring a provincial grass emblem for Manitoba.

*NEWS* - RESULTS ARE OFFICIALLY REVEALED! - Big Bluestem is the winner with 47% of the vote! A total of 1602 votes cast!

View the campaign poster displayed at the 9th Prairie Conservation and Endangered Species Conference in Winnipeg.

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* Read the article that ran in the Winnipeg Free Press on May 4!
* Follow the campaign on Twitter: manitobagrass

While you are at our website:

  • get to know the four grass candidates a bit better (how did we come up with them?)
  • find out what the process is once Manitobans select a provincial grass
  • learn more about Manitoba's prairie spaces
  • let us know what you think: contact us